geriatricarea International Society for GerontechnologyLa International Society for Gerontechnology celebrará su X Conferencia Mundial en la bella ciudad francesa de Niza del 28 al 30 de septiembre.
Bajo el lema «La humanidad sostenible» ISG 2016 será nuevamente el mayor foro del mundo de los académicos, investigadores, expertos y profesionales relacionados con los diversos campos de la gerontología, y contará con ponencias magistrales, simposios monográgicos, sesiones, demostraciones de tecnologías de vanguardia (con prototipos ya probados), etc.
En este evento se darán a conocer las últimas tendencias en tecnología y servicios dedicados al envejecimiento, la movilidad, la atención y calidad de vidaParticiparán, entre otros, ingenieros, arquitectos, expertos en TIC, informáticos, gerontólogos, proveedores de salud, profesionales de servicios sociales, planificadores, promotores inmobiliarios y gestores, así como personas responsables de decisiones de compra en las industrias relacionadas con el envejecimiento, la vida asistida, centros de atención y hospitales.
El Programa Científico preliminar de la X Conferencia Mundial de la International Society for Gerontechnology es el siguiente:

28 de septiembre

The Importance of Place – New Research Methods for the 21st Century
Chairperson: Andrew Sixsmith
Location, Location, Location – Where is as Important as When 

Willliam Kearns
Neural Mechanisms of Aging in Spatial Cognition 

Scott Moffat
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space: Applications of fractal mathematics in analyzing human behavior.
Jeffrey Craighead
Nature-inspired Concepts for Spatial Location 

Franco Lodato

Bulding an Age-friendly Europe
Chairperson: Alexander Peine , Ger Maas, Masi Mohammadi
Growing the European Silver Economy
Measuring impact of the built environment
Enabling Environment for Active Ageing: smart spatial models, houses, and technologies in a smart civil society
Steps ahead of us: towards building an age-friendly Europe

Information Technology for Daily Living Assessment and Brain Analysis
Chairperson: Ming-Chy Pai
Where am I? A device for testing sense of location 

Ming-Chy Pai
Quantification of cerebral white matter hyperintensities in elderly by using multispectral MRI 

Hsmin Chen
Home activity log and life care using panoramic videos 

Oscal T.-C. Chen

From Basic Activity Recognition process to clinical application – examples of the use of Automatic Video Analyses
Chairperson : François Bremond
Visual Recognition of Gait parameters 
Baptiste Fosty
Automatic detection of Autonomy in Activities of daily living in elderly 

Carlos Crispim junior
Emotion facial recognition by the means of automatic video analyses 

Antitza Dantcheva
Praxis and gesture recognition 
Farhood Negin
Advancing research on evaluating needs and developing technological solutions for family caregivers
Chairperson: Louise Demers
A comprehensive understanding of family caregivers’ experiences 

Janet Fast
Needs and Preferences for Innovative Technology for Family Caregivers 

Ben Mortenson
François Routhier
Web-Based Systematic Telemonitoring and Teletraining of User-Caregiver Dyads after Provision of Assistive Technology 

Claudine Auger
Sara Ahmed
An Online Resource System for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia 

Jan Polgar

29 de septiembre

Theories and models in social gerontechnology

Chairperson : Alexander Peine
Towards socio-gerontechnology: Modelling the theoretical intersection of social science and gerontechnology 
Louis Neven
Older people’s use of assistive technology: A conceptual model 

K. Brittain
From participative to activist innovation in post-welfare ageing societies: Rethinking collective care arrangements in Spanish senior cohousing projects 

D. López Gómez

Socio-Technical Aspects in Promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare
Chairperson: Thomas Bock
Design for societal innovation with intelligent technologies 

Yuan Lu
Safety and quality factors in healthcare via human-robotic interaction 

Henning Boje Andersen
Artificial intelligence in daily living 

Pearl Pu
Dr. Koening

Sustainable humanity at home

Chairperson: Pr. Fachinger
Prof. Fachinger
Svenja Helten
Gerhard Dr. Leitner
Stephanie Nobis

The AZ@Game project : An example of the use of Serious Gaming for Alzheimer patients
Chairperson: Philippe Robert
The Serious Game for Alzheimer Patients : Az@game

Minh Khue Phan Tran
X-torp: a therapeutic serious game for patients with Alzheimer’s disease 

Gregory Ben-Sadoun
Neuropsychological assessment within the context of serious gaming 

Guillaume Sacco
MeMo: Interest of a Web Platform for Cognitive and Motivation Training  at Home

Jeremy Bourgeois

Trust and technology adoption across domains and generations
Chairperson : Joseph Coughlin
Trust trends across generations 

Dana Ellis
Generational differences in app adoption and the effect of trust 

Dick Myrick
Privacy and data security concerns toward home sensor technologies among the oldest old 

Michal Isaacson
Relationships between trust and older adult’s willingness to adopt in-vehicle technologies 

Chaiwoo Lee
Psychosocial impact of assistive technologies for older persons: international perspectives
Chairperson: Jeffrey Jutai
Measuring the psychosocial impact of assistive devices for older persons: Is international consensus achievable and desirable?

Jeffrey Jutai
Measuring the psychosocial impact of mobility assistive products with elderly people: findings from Italian surveys 

Renzo Andrich
Ready for e-health. Swedish-older persons ‘perceptions of existing and future mobile health related ICT applications 

Sari-Anne Wiklund-Axelsson
Psychosocial impact of assistive technologies for mobility and its implications on Active Ageing 

Anabela Martins
Measurement of the psychosocial impact of assistive technologies for independent living of older Hispanics: Lessons learned 

Elsa Orellano

Health engineering for Active aging
Chairperson: Helianthe Kort
Florian Feldweiser
Ernesto Morales
Emelieke Huisman
Cyril Schneider

Indoor mobility, Outdoor mobility
Chairperson: H.S.M. Kort
The relevance for mobility when suffering from COPD 

S. Vorrink
Gaming to support mobility and social activities of older people 

A. Dijkstra
Supporting older individuals’ safe outdoor mobility and driving behaviour

Louis Neven
The effect of the urban environment on aging adults mobility and social participation

P. Van den Berg

Living Labs for Health and Autonomy
Chairperson: Norbert NOURY
The French Forum LL for H&A

Living Labs for designing Assistive Technologies

Helene Pigot
Mobile Communications and Computing for Quality of Life Living Lab 

Katarzyna Wac
Main Motivation for Installation of  New Living Lab for Health 

Martin Cerny
Technology to stimulate activities in community dwelling persons wirh dementia
Chairperson: Eveline Wouters
Yvonne Schikhof
Liselore Snaphaan
Ellen Verhaegh

Healthcare and technology for long-life trajectories in inclusive and smart cities
Chairperson : Alajouanine Ghislaine
Active Long-life Trajectories: A Vision for Personalized Healthcare and Public Health Intervention Through Innovative Technology 

François Michaud
Silverstream: Sustainable and affordable personal mobility for the growing and ageing population in congested European cities

Alberto Sanna
Inclusive Cities: Towards Mobility and Social Participation in Late Life 

François Routhier
How to think globally and act locally for health path, and elders’ autonomy with eHealth and Gerontechnology? 

Vincent Rialle

30 de septiembre

Changing geographies of home care with technology
Chairperson: Louis Neven
Interactive TeleCare: An ageing-in-place technology for old people living at home and their informal and professional aids
I. Kollak
How do new rehabilitation technologies (re)-configure technology, ‘the Elderly’, and Health? An ethnographic study of the implementation of new technologies for active and healthy ageing in Denmark 

A.J. Lassen
The production of risky domestic spaces and vulnerable elderly users for telecare provision: The case of social alarms in Spain 

J.C Aceros
Digital rehabilitation and the reconfiguration of care arrangements: Friction, adjustment work and dependencies 

N. Schwennesen 
Steps ahead: Towards building an age-friendly Europe
Chairperson: Alexander Peine
Home Smart Home: Co-creation of digital health innovations at home 

Alexander Peine
User Driven Innovation: A gateway to new housing solutions for elderly? 

K. Høyland
Civic Care Corporations: A study into the bottom-up citizens initiatives for customized care and housing in The Netherlands 

N. Moor
Suitable and healthy housing in the Netherlands: Lessons for development of the active ageing Index and global agewatch index from Dutch monitoring policy and practice 

M. Hinkema
Sustainable Play: Gerontoludic Guidelines for Digital Game Engagement for Older Populations
Chairperson : Julie Brown
Bob De Schutter
Julie Brown
Henk Herman Nap
IJsselsteijn Wijnand
Wennekes Sjoerd 

Information Technology for Daily Living Assessment and Therapy
Chairperson: Pau-Choo Chung
Balance measurement for older people using inertial sensors

Pau-Choo Chung
The detection of elderly equilibrium degradation by builtin tri-accelerometer of smartphone  Chao-Cheng Wu
Monitoring behaviours and activity of daily living at home using ICT to propose tailored non-pharmacologic approaches via aromatherapy and music therapy 

Renaud David
Developing stronger theoretical perspectives within gerontechnology 
Enabling environments for active ageing in a smart civil society
Chairperson: Masi Mohammadi
A decade Dutch Smart Care: A national benchmark on smart care homes in the Netherlands 

Masi N. Moor, M. Mohammadi
Transition of business models for E-Health applications: An exploration of the actual position of E-health applications in current care systems in the Netherlands and United Kingdom and the parameters required for transitioning related business models to 

D. Patel
Care estate as a social health environment

I. Curelli
Supportive and stimulating environments for older citizens 

C. Hammink

Pathways Toward Research and Development in Aging and Technology
Chairperson : Judith Sixsmith
Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life (AGE-WELL): A National Research Network in Technology and Aging 

Andrew Sixsmith
Participatory Working with Older People: AGE-WELL and Beyond 

Judith Sixsmith
Scoping Understandings of Mild Cognitive Impairment for Older Adults: Political, Ethical and Technological Implications 

Mei Lan Fang
AAL-WELL that Ends Well: International Transdisciplinary Research into Ambient Assistive Living Technology for Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment 

Piper Jackson
New Frontiers in Social Gerontechnology
Chairperson: Alexander Peine, Britt Östlund , Louis Neven
Beyond ageist representations of older technology user
Changing geographies of home care with technology
Theories and models   

The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the assessment of dementia patients
Chairperson: Philippe Robert
First results from the SafEE project: Safe & Easy Environment for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders 

Auriane Gros
The place of new technologies in affective disorders 

David Bensadoun
Assessment of emotional disorders using mobile EEG 

Remy Ramadour
Final results of the European Dem@care project – Dementia Ambient Care: Multi-parametric monitoring for timeless assessment and self-independence of Patient with Dementia 

Alexandra König 
Sustainable silver economy and sustainable humanity
Chairperson : G. Corne
N. Frontigny
L. Corrado
D. Abdelaziz
H. Pigot

Designing Technology_Based Interventions for Older Adults: Findings for CREATE
Chairperson: Sara Czaja
Sara Czaja
Neil Charness
Walter Boot
Wendy Rogers

Designing for active aging: Joint data mining innovation thru smart telehealth

Chairperson: C. Xu

Measuring impact of the built environment

ChairpersonAlexander Peine
A holistic model of the impacts of physical space design on the quality of life of older people 

P. Barret
Health@Home: Classification of the daily activities in Italian elders through data mining and feature extraction from wearable sensors  

L. Scalise
Improving the accessibility and safety of stairs by providing adequate lighting and sufficient contrast 

S. Danschutter
Ageing population and obsolete building stock: The case of Ermua city (Spain) with solutions provided

 S. Urra
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