En el marco del programa AAL, el próximo 4 de junio tendrá lugar el taller virtual interactivo Tecnologías de asistencia para mayores: experiencias y perspectivas‘ en el que se mostrará, a través de instrumentos y sistemas específicos, cómo las TIC pueden ayudar a las personas adultas mayores y los muchos beneficios que pueden aportar.

geriatricarea Tecnologias asistencia mayores

En este taller virtual interactivo, organizado colaborativamente por los proyectos AALIOANNA, iCan y ReMember-Me, los expertos también debatirán sobre los retos y las oportunidades relacionados con el uso de nuevas tecnologías. El programa del taller virtual interactivo ‘Tecnologías de asistencia para mayores: experiencias y perspectivas’ es el siguiente:

12:00 Welcome“Assistive technologies in our lives: How can they help people 65+?”
by Vasilis Giannoglou, Geoimaging Ltd

12:10 Socialization and access to services: The IOANNA project
by Aggeliki Tsakiri, Singular Logic

12:25 Assistance, smart recreation and mobility: The iCan project
by Begoña Benito, InnovatekBi

12:40 Brain training and wellbeing monitoring: The ReMember-Me project
by Dr. Andreea Stamate, Ana Aslan International Foundation

12:50 Success stories of innovative technologies and services for the elderlies going real:

  •  “Physical exercise and telecare: The frAAgiLe Project”
    by Jonathan Bertolaccini, University of Geneva
  • “Success stories on caring for the elderly using tablets with Kwido
    by Iñaki Bartolomé, Ideable Solutions
  • “Football for health! Recreational football for persons 60+: success story in Gernika Silver Lab during COVID times”
    by Itziar Vidorreta, Eskilara
  • GUIDed Assisted-Living and Social Interaction Platform: a user-friendly, multimodular system aiming to assist older adults in their everyday life”
    by Sotiria Moza, Materia Group
  • DigiAgeing: supporting VET-Providers, Caregivers and elderly people to find solutions in preventing and coping with loneliness with the help of dedicated Training, Counselling and digital Tools”
    by Andria Hadjicosta, Materia Group
  • “Caring for the ones who care: Prolepsis Project, an App to promote healthcare promotion and breast cancer screening in informal carers”
    by Dr Andreas Charalambous, Cyprus University of Technology and University of Turku & Dr Tsitsi Theologia, Cyprus University of Technology

13:25 How older adults use and perceive digital technologies: obstacles they may find and how COVID-19 pandemic has helped overcome some of them” Materia Group, Ana Aslan International Foundation and Fondazione Santa Lucia, moderated by Idoia Muñoz, ESKILARA

13:40 New assistive technologies: Where is the catch?
By Dr Marios Kyriazis, Biomedical Gerontologist

14:00   Conclusions-Goodbye
by Idoia Muñoz, ESKILARA

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